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Blockchain Could Save Investment Banks $12 Billion Annually
A new report from Accenture posits that large investment banks could cut operational costs by as much as $12bn annually by implementing blockchains in their business.
Why Blockchain Will Trump Populism
Donald Trump and his team just appointed a major advocate of bitcoin and blockchain, Mick Mulvaney, as the US Budget Director.
Report: Blockchain Could Become an $8 Billion Global Industry By 2024
The next eight years could see the blockchain marketplace grow to almost $8bn in value, according to a new research report.
Deloitte Launches Blockchain Research Lab in New York
More than 20 developers and specialists will be based out of the New York lab.
'Satoshi Roundtable' Brings Blockchain Bigwigs Back for Third Year
An annual event traditionally aimed at giving cryptocurrency movers and shakers a chance to hash out industry problems (as well as relax) has opened wide its doors to the larger financial community.
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Why 2017 Will Take Blockchain to New Heights
South Korea Financial Services Committee (FSC) announced its two-step FinTech Development Roadmap in October 2016.
Bitcoin Price Surge Continues, Passes $900 to Approach 3-Year High
At press time, the price is hovering around an average of $902.92.
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Bitcoin Prices Break Past $800
Bitcoin prices have risen above $800 for the first time since February 2014, setting a fresh 34-month high.
France’s Central Bank Details Its First Blockchain Test
With the trial, the French central bank becomes the latest institution of its kind to test the cryprocurrency technology.
The Price of Bitcoin Has Stayed Above $760 for 7 Days
Thus far in 2016, bitcoin prices have rarely surpassed $760, according to BPI data. The digital currency surpassed this price on 2nd December, the first time it had exceeded $760 since June…
Bitcoin in Space?
Dr Kartik Hegadekatti of India’s Ministry of Railways posits in a new paper, entitled “Extra-Terrestrial Applications of blockchains and Cryptocurrencies”, that the tech could provide the basis…
Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain Adds Ex-Barclays Chief to Board
"Blockchain technology has the potential to reinvent the way we use money and contribute to a finance system that’s high quality, low cost, secure, fair and transparent. I am proud to join a…
A16z, USV Invest $10 Million in Blockchain Token Trading Firm
In conversation with CoinDesk, Carlson-Wee described the fund as one that would seek to offer investors exposure to an actively managed portfolio of blockchain-based assets.
Bitcoin Price Could Triple in 2017
The Danish investment bank recently published its annual "Outrageous Predictions for 2017", a collection of speculations that it stressed represents more of a fringe outlook than anything…